6 March 2018- Excellent Service Award (APC) Ceremony was held jointly by four agencies under the KPDNKK namely MyIPO, SSM, MKM and MyCC. A total of 36 employees of MyIPO were selected as APC recipients for 2017. 36 MyIPO employees, 13 were men while women were 23, consisting of various divisions and six branches throughout Malaysia. Employee from the MyIPO operating sector receives most APC 2017. All APC winners from MyIPO bring home a certificate of appreciation and RM1,000 cash.

MyIPO organizes APC annually to reward the services and contributions of its employees who demonstrate outstanding achievement and commitment to entrusted responsibilities. MyIPO stipulates that every employee must score at least 85 and up in Performance and Competency Assessment Report before qualifying to be listed as a candidate for APC award. Only 36 were selected based on the APC criteria that set 8 per cent employees to be awarded APC every year.