11 August 2021- Deputy Director General (Strategic & Technical) of MyIPO Mr. Zulkarnain Muhammad officiated the IP Manage: One IP Executive for Each Organization programme which was held virtually today.

This programme is one of the initiatives to develop systematic IP management team in public and private sector in Malaysia.

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the Korean Intellectual Property Organization (KIPO) and the Korean Invention Promotion Association (KIPA) are in support of this program in which they offer their training platforms and modules. This programme will be completed in 13-weeks starting from 11 August until 31 October 2021.

“There were 66 participants registered for the programme from various target groups. Most of the participants are among policy makers and IP management team. Their participation is significant in providing accurate IP information and knowledge within their respective organizations”.

The 13 weeks programme that starts today comprises of 6 series of live webinars conducted by local IP practitioners that will expose the participants on the various types of intellectual property. Participants will go through six e-Learning session which consists of two weeks period per session to complete the IP Ignite and IP Panorama Module. The participants will be given flexible time on their own to complete watching the e-Learning videos.

On top of that, participants will be provided with training notes, video presentation and quizzes under the WIPO DL101 Module. The module provides a more in-depth view of the fundamentals of IP law, and is considered as indispensable to pursue more advanced courses of study on specific areas of IP law. At the end of the programme, participants who achieved the required minimum performance in DL-101 examination will be issued the WIPO General Course on Intellectual Property certificate.

“It is hoped that we will achieve the objectives of this programme to equip the participants with comprehensive knowledge on IP, hence could assist their organisations in managing IP,” he said when officiating the programme.

He said the IP Manage programme provides additional value to MyIPO’s existing awareness programmes to the target groups. Furthermore, the cooperation and collaboration with international organizations such as WIPO, KIPO and KIPA could advance IP awareness programme in the country.

Earlier in the ceremony, was an opening speech by Mrs. Altaye Tedla, Head Distance Learning Program of WIPO Academy followed by opening remarks by Mr. Seungbo Lee, Vice President of the Korea Invention Promotion Association (KIPA).