PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that it is hereby informed that any payment made by way of cheque for the prescribed fee stipulated in the “Intellectual Property Legislation” will be regarded as not being made in the event of the same being “bounced / dishonored cheque”. The Applicant or Registered Proprietor or the Agent representing the same shall need to apply or file afresh together with a new fee if he so wishes to proceed with any filing or submission.

The Registrar or Controller shall not be responsible for any due date missed following the ineffective transaction due to the “bounced / dishonored cheque”.

The “Intellectual Property Legislation” for the purpose of this Notice are the:

1. Trade Marks Act 1976;
2. Patents Act 1983;
3. Copyright Act 1987;
4. Industrial Designs Act 1996;
5. Layout-Designs of Integrated Circuits Act 2000;
6. Geographical Indications Act 2000; and
7. Any subsidiary legislation made under the Acts specified in items 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 dan 6.

This NOTICE shall take effect from 15th January 2018