15 October 2018 – World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in co-operation with Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) has successfully organized the Seminar Protecting your Trademarks and Inventions Overseas: WIPO Services and Initiatives for Malaysian Businesses in Intellectual Property Academy.

The objectives of the seminar were to enhance the participants’ knowledge and awareness on how to obtain patent and trademark protection overseas as well as to expose them to the IP databases which are important places to research before commencing an overseas venture. The seminar also covered different options businesses have to turn their IP assets into profit.

Director of the Regional Office in ASEAN of, WIPO Singapore Office, Mr. Denis Croze, in his welcoming remarks said “In a changing business environment where intangible assets represent most of the enterprise’s capital and therefore a significant business value, intellectual property is crucial. And therefore it is important that the international IP system enables innovation and creativity for everyone”.

Deputy Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs, YB Chong Chieng Jen at the opening of the Seminar called for entrepreneurs to fully utilize the Patent Cooperation Treaty platform provided by MyIPO and WIPO for patent protection abroad. “Through the Patent Cooperation Treaty the applicant only needs to file an international application for protection in more than 150 countries of interest”, he added.

The seminar was attended by more than 100 participants comprising members of the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia, the Associate Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia, Federation of Malaysian Malay Hawkers and Traders, SME Association of Malaysia and government agencies. Among the presenters were Denis Croze, Director of WIPO Regional Office Singapore, and Fatimah Rohada Dahalan, Assistant General Director of MyIPO.