TM forms and fees for all proceedings for applications made before 15 February 2011, and that the trade marks are pending.

Matters of Proceedings

Fees (RM)

TM1 TM1 Form of authorisation and request to enter, alter or substitute an address for service 30
TM6 TM6 Request for statement of grounds of decision 500
TM7 TM7 Notice of opposition 450
TM8 TM8 Counter – statement to a notice of opposition 300
TM9 TM9 Notice to the registrar of attendance at hearing 480
TM25 TM25 Request By Registrar’S Certificate Other Than Certificate Of Registration 100
TM26 TM26 Request for correction of a clerical error in an application or for permission to otherwise amend an application for registration 100
TM27 TM27 Application for extension of time
(Per month:)
TM29 Advertisement for registration 450
CD46 CD46 Request For Permission To Amend The Application For Registration Of A Trade Mark 20