27 September 2016 – “ The Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) hosted Meeting on IPR Marketplace “ National Agenda at Bunga Raya Meeting Room, UOA Bangsar, the meeting was chaired by The Director General of MyIPO, Dato’ Shamsiah Kamaruddin.
The meeting was attended by 21 organisations from various industries to discuss about the initiative of “IP Valuation, IP Financing and IPR Marketplace” which has been mandated to MyIPO under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance.
During the meeting, MyIPO together with the invited stakeholders also discussed the way forwards initiatives of IP and IPR Monetisation Marketplace to the national level.
MyIPO hopes that this in-depth discussion, achieves the objective of the IPR Marketplace role in piloting national agenda and strengthen IPR Marketplace and IP ecosystem in the country.